Large Global Online University

Comprehensive digital strategy, mobile apps, and web presence drive sustained student engagement.


One of the largest online education Universities in the world needed a digital presence that would support and drive student admissions, retention, and engagement. They wanted a trusted partner to lead and deliver the multi-year, multi-phase digital transformation project.


PointClear Solutions partnered with the University to strategize, design, and develop a comprehensive, engaging online presence including an iOS and Android mobile application, admissions portal, and marketing website. The PointClear team also built an API in the AWS Cloud environment to integrate the mobile app with third-party enterprise systems.


The University?s online presence now supports its mission of making a quality education accessible for anyone wanting to finish their degree and expand their career. Busy students have a single source of truth to more efficiently stay informed with consolidated communications, assignments, schedules, and University services. The University has the benefits of enhanced market awareness, engaged student population, and increased admissions.

ChrisLarge Global Online University
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