iOS App Design and Build

Our collaboration with Worry Free Labs for design and development was instrumental in getting KeyMe launched.

Greg Marsh, CEO


KeyMe had an innovative solution to the common, everyday problem of losing your keys. Worry Free Labs partnered with KeyMe to design and build the consumer app to bring the concept to life. The mobile app needed to enable a user to store, share, and duplicate their physical keys using a digital scan that is securely stored in the cloud.


Worry Free Labs created an easy-to-use and engaging mobile app to motivate users to upload their keys for future use. The app offers eCommerce capabilities for ordering keys and is integrated to work as a compliment to the key kiosk solution, present in convenience stores around New York City and the application ensures its users that they never get locked out of their favorite places.


Worry Free’s involvement from beginning to end helped ensure that KeyMe could bring the product to market on time to maximize the market share captured. The upfront strategy and roadmapping helped inform design decisions and lay the groundwork for development sprints.

Worked great for me! Used this app to order keys several times. Has worked for me. Pretty easy way to get copies. I would recommend.

App enthusiast from CA iTunes 5-star Review

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