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Recognized as one of the best K-12 private schools in the nation and acclaimed world-wide, BASIS Independent? is redefining education. Their formula for success proves every child can become a great student when presented a rigorous course of study taught by Subject Expert Teachers and supported by a culture of excellence.

BASIS Independent? educators and students were excited about the curriculum being taught, but they did not incorporate technology beyond computer classes. With advances in technology revolutionizing how we communicate and learn in every aspect of modern life, BASIS Independent? knew integrating technology into all aspects of their curriculum was imperative.


We needed to understand the education industry to a high degree of detail. So before putting pen to paper, we began to collaborate around the idea of vastly improving the classroom experience by breaking the traditional passive learning mold.

Together we were able to understand what was currently working, and what needed our help. Our team complied notes from our conversations and kickoff meeting and used this material to formulate a strategy, a few ideas and design concepts, define goals, create personas and identify key features.


Reduced costs by creating a single, integrated mobile app that provides two separate login profiles for teachers and students. Comprehensive set of built-in features such as polling, cloud messaging, and asset sharing enhanced the learning experience and provide students with a much higher quality of education. Provided an additional and more accessible form of communication between students and teachers that encourages more engagement.

“My experience with Worry Free Labs has been excellent. They took the time to understand not only this project, but also our business. Beyond the insightful UI/UX team, talented developer, and excellent customer service, everyone takes pride in what they do. I am happy to have partnered with WFL on this project, and they will be my first choice on future projects.?

Robert Block, Director eLearning

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