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Sometimes having an app that just works simply is not enough. Just because an app is functional doesn’t mean that you’ll have the user adoption and market share that you want. Acision had an existing communication platform in the marketplace, but the app simply wasn’t garnering the number of users they had hoped for. Worry Free Labs partnered with Acision to improve their fuseMe mobile app in order to get more traction in the market.


Worry Free Labs began the engagement by figuring out what was working and what wasn’t working within the current existing design and UI. A usability audit was conducted including 20 user tests that were run on the existing platform. Worry Free’s usability experts summarized the results and provided research-based recommendations that helped inform the new design.

The new, enhanced app design included split screen functionality that allowed 2 simultaneous chat messages and featured drag-and-drop between conversations. Additionally, Worry Free produced a simplified application dashboard that was far more intuitive and easy to use. These new designs were incorporated with and helped support the client’s rebranding campaign. Worry Free’s team provided strategic direction around how to make the app more popular in the marketplace.


The research and insight provided by Worry Free’s usability experts saved Acision money up front in the design of the new app as well as increasing revenue by spurring market share growth.

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