What Will Apple Do? We Can Only Ponder… Until June 13th!

ChrisWhat Will Apple Do? We Can Only Ponder… Until June 13th!
What Will Apple Do? We Can Only Ponder… Until June 13th!
ChrisWhat Will Apple Do? We Can Only Ponder… Until June 13th!
Apple?s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2016) kicks off in only SEVEN (count them, 7) days and everyone is a buzz wondering what Apple is going to do next. Will they launch a whole new device or are we looking at another year of ?upgrades? to their current line of products and/or operating systems. Inevitably we can anticipate updates to iOS, tvOS, watchOS and OS X, but will the ?work? look so natural we don?t notice? motivating another round of commercials communicating what we affectionately call ?point? updates. Or has the Apple team finally succeeded in keeping their lips sealed tight about a new product they will release to market? So? what is the rumor mill buzzing about?
  1. Siri ? The sultry seductress solving all of your unanswered questions, okay maybe only about 32.8% of them, could be getting some attention this go round. So much for monogamy, some say Siri will be getting intimate with Mac as well other third-party apps rather Swift-ly.
  2. iOS 10 - While some back-ends are more in-your-face than others, iOS 9 and it?s predecessors all featured functionality that users could see and control. The problem is, it also included functionality users could not control; limiting users ability to customize their device(s) to their liking. Rumor has it that iOS 10 will give users the ability to remove some of the unused Apple apps that unnecessarily eat up their device storage, making more room for more selfies and Game of Thrones episodes.
  3. New Mac Laptop ? Is bigger really better? This is the question Apple has yet to answer. The shrinking iPad was followed by an enlarged iPhone. What will be next? Will the 11.6in Macbook Air (MBA) be discontinued for a 15in.? OR will an MBA become an irrelevant status symbol much like the overpriced degree that flanks most Millennials these days?
  4. Apple Music ? Is it possible to recover from a bad first impression? You think to yourself, ?She seems like a nice gal, but she never stopped talking.? Sometimes, less truly is more. Those in the know are talking about the ?bolder, yet simpler? look that the new Apple Music will take and 3-D touch shortcuts that are an extension of the iPhone 6s?s most exciting new feature. But hey? if Bloomberg is already talking about it, this update is old news.
  5. Fuji, tvOS & watchOS ? Since no one likes a tease? we wont ponder what is to come with these. We have a hunch that they wont go unnoticed but expect that it will be a Beta summer with announcements ripe for the picking this autumn.
I guess we?ll all have to wait to see if our favorite leading lady has been replaced or if she?s just gotten a face-lift. Will 2016 be the year of revolutionary or just plain evolutionary change? Only time will tell. Until then?
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