What are the best mobile analytics tools?

Worry Free LabsWhat are the best mobile analytics tools?
What are the best mobile analytics tools?
Worry Free LabsWhat are the best mobile analytics tools?
After the smartphone started gaining popularity about 10 years ago, it did not take long for mobile devices to displace personal computers as the dominant method of accessing the Internet. With such a large portion of website traffic originating from mobile phones and their installed apps, any business that is successful, or desires to be, needs to know how their mobile sites and apps are being used by their customers in order to increase the success of their marketing campaigns and improve sales. That is where mobile analytics tools come in. They can give you crucial information about where your customers come from, their opinions about your website, apps or services, how often they visit your site or use the app, and how you can monetize your assets more effectively. There are dozens of useful and effective mobile analytics tools available today, and to get a well-rounded picture of your website or app performance, it is a good idea to combine several of these services. Here are some of the best mobile analytics tools that are currently offered:

Google Analytics

Google offers mobile analytics tools for both your mobile website and your apps, and they are both free. With the Google Mobile Web Analytics tool, you can find out which brands and models of phones are popular with your customers, what operating systems they use, which service provider the use, their screen resolution and from which sites they were referred. If you have an app, you can use the Google Apps Analytics tool to learn more information about your new customers, to find out how many are new or returning customers and determine what languages they speak. It also offers statistics on app behavior, including event tracking, crashes and performance, as well as conversion statistics. Conversion tracking is limited to?iOS?and Android devices.


Another free tool, Flurry provides app analytics for?iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, as well as mobile website analytics, and is often used in combination with or as an alternative to Google's tools. It can give you basic information such as device brands and models, carrier information, firmware details and error reports. Information about your customers includes demographics, number of active users, average session lengths, how often they use the app or site, and retention statistics. It will also allow you to learn more about your customers' interests and preferences, and it will track conversion rates.


AppSee?is a paid program that is priced according to the number of apps and sessions it is tracking, and the particular services you require. It is compatible with?iOS?and Android devices, and focuses more on an app's user experience than conventional tools. It tracks the behavior of users to give you more information about how they use the app and what interests them the most, and it can help you to determine what steps tend to discourage conversions. It generates heat maps so that you can see how your users interact with your apps and it can create events that can help you increase the number of conversions.?AppSee?is available as a 14-day free trial that lets you explore its features before committing to a purchase.


This mobile analytics tool comes in both a free version, which is extremely limited compared to other tools, and a paid version that costs $150 a month. The paid version has many valuable analytic tools for both websites and apps, including real-time data analysis and the ability to link a user's website and app usage together for a better overall profile. It can track important events such as new account creations, app purchases, upgrades or sharing statistics, and it can follow them individually or as a series. It also has powerful demographics tools, retention statistics, and it can give you information about how often your customers use your app or website. It works with?iOS?or Android devices. These are just a few of the most popular mobile analytics tools, and to find the right combination of features for your specific app or website that are tailored to your audience, you will likely have to try several. Other popular options include, Amazon Mobile Analytics and Apple App Analytics. Need help determining the best tool?to integrate with your app or website? Contact us to learn more.
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