Welcome Home, Automation

Tommy WhiteWelcome Home, Automation
Welcome Home, Automation
Tommy WhiteWelcome Home, Automation
In just a few short years, we have seen the Internet of Things (IoT) gain prominence in homes across the U.S. Thanks to the advent of Google Home and Amazon?s Alexa, among other ?smart home? hubs, the digital home is quickly becoming commonplace, rather than just a novelty. From smart lights and thermostats to digital locks and home monitoring, there?s no doubt that Americans are embracing this new way of life. To this point, Gartner research suggests that 8.4 billion connected "things" will be in use this year ? 63% of these will be consumer devices.

What is Home Automation (a.k.a. A Digital Home)?

Simply put, home automation is the utilization of multiple smart devices that communicate with each other in a single ecosystem. We?ve compiled a short list of such devices ? all of which are growing in popularity and prevalence.
Home Automation Hub. To get the most value out of IoT devices, most users prefer to have a central hub. This device serves as the brain of your smart home, connecting to and controlling all your devices from a central location.
Home Security. While the adoption of IoT connected devices brings with it inherent security risks, it has also provided consumers with a number of devices and apps designed to help protect their homes.
Lighting. Forget ever having to touch a light switch again. With smart LED bulbs, you can turn on (and adjust the brightness level) of your lights with simple voice commands, or you can have them turn on automatically when you arrive home.
Climate Control. Advancements in ?learning? thermostats have improved both cost-savings and comfort for consumers. Many IoT connected thermostats have the ability to adjust temperature and humidity to suit a homeowner?s preferences, while reducing energy consumption by meeting your heating and cooling needs more efficiently.
Paired with a smartphone, consumers have the ability to connect and control all the above devices from the palm of their hands, and from anywhere in the world (with a Wi-Fi connection, of course). But more importantly than that, these apps and devices are moving closer towards a hands-off approach by leveraging AI and big data to require less manual input from users. Home automation is here to stay.
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