Useful Mobile apps for the Super Bowl in NYC

Worry Free LabsUseful Mobile apps for the Super Bowl in NYC
Worry Free LabsUseful Mobile apps for the Super Bowl in NYC

At?Worry Free Labs?we eat, live and breathe mobile apps, so our?team?of mobile designers and developers like to share apps we enjoy using, have great user experiences and add value to our lives.

Here's our Superbowl addition to get you ready for this week in New York.

Seat Geek

For those that already don't have tickets to the big game, SeatGeek is a ticket search engine that makes finding tickets to live entertainment a cinch. The app searches dozens of the biggest ticket sites and presents the results all in one place, with a simple interface designed for speed and savings.?SeatGeek?s Deal Score system analyzes thousands of ticket listings and rates the best bargains. The higher the Deal Score, the better the value. And there?s no need to worry about hidden costs. It ensures that all listed prices include shipping and seller fees?that means the price you see is the price you pay.

?Fan Zone

If you download the Fan Zone app you get a chance to win free tickets to the Super Bowl. Fan Zone is a real-time, social sports game. You can earn rewards for doing what you?re already doing - watching the big game or other sports. It allows users to compete with friends and other fans.?Launch the app, pick the game you?re watching and play. Prove your sports savvy by making predictions about what will happen in the game and catching Fan Zone badges based on big plays and key moments. Nailing the predictions earns you Fan Zone Credits, which you can trade in for great prizes.

Urban Daddy

Super Bowl week is a big party. So, if you are not invited to the Maxim Party you'll likely need to find out where to go get your eat and drink on in New York. Urban Daddy allows users to choose a few variables, such as neighborhood, drinks, your companions and type of venue. It then processes that information and provides you with a list of great options. It also has a unique feature called the "Hype Cycle" that shows a wheel of the hottest and not so hot places in town. This app is a favorite of WFL CEO Paul Choi.
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