Top 5 iOS 10 Features

ChrisTop 5 iOS 10 Features
Top 5 iOS 10 Features
ChrisTop 5 iOS 10 Features
It?s official. Last week, Apple announced iOS 10 will be released this fall and the beta has already been out for over a week now. All the changes and updates brought on by iOS10 will certainly pave the way for new apps and ideas. We put together the top 5 features we?re looking forward to (in no particular order).
  1. Expanded iMessage Capability
Apple has really added a lot of new features to iMessages that extend far beyond your traditional text threads. The new iOS showcases a more animated iMessage experience that includes handwritten messages, animated message bubbles, invisible messages/images, and more. The biggest change is the addition of iMessage Apps that gives users the ability to access other apps from within iMessage.
  1. Siri + Apps
This one?s pretty straightforward. Siri will now work with third-party apps making voice commands even more useful than before.
  1. Native Connected Home App
The ?smart home? idea is nothing new. Apple?s new Home app hopes to bring all your home automation apps and HomeKit compatible devices into a single screen on your phone, making it a much simpler process.
  1. Apple Pay Web Integration
Local and retail merchants are making efforts to accept Apple Pay, but user adoption has been lagging since it?s initial release. Will this new e-commerce functionality finally make Apple Pay practical AND easy to use?
  1. Third-Party Apps in Maps
Lastly, Apple is now adding third-party app actions to be taken from within the Map app. This will allow users to call an Uber ride, make a restaurant reservation with OpenTable, etc. I think the recurring theme we?re seeing is Apple opening the door for third-party app developers to integrate and interact with native iOS apps. Do you agree with our list? Is there something else we forgot? Let us know?your thoughts!
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