We helps clients identify emerging opportunities, discover the needs of their users and markets, and create a plan of action for addressing those needs and opportunities.?Working with clients to discover and capture value in their industry, we help clients reimagine what mobile can do for your business and your customers.

Worry Free Labs works at the frontier of innovation in mobile, which leads us to explore technologies that might be at or just beyond the cutting edge of design and application development. Coupled with our deep insights and experience in digital, we create strategies that are forward thinking and transformational to your industry.

Great strategy does not just happen… it evolves from an in-depth understanding and exploration of ?where we want to go? and ?why we want to go there,? allowing us to uncover ?how we will get there.??? As a result, our?approach to defining and designing new businesses, products and services is just as critical as the end result.

Our Strategy Toolkit guides these data-driven efforts through an iterative process of:

Research?Research > ?Analyze?Analyze >?Brainstorm?Brainstorm >?Create?Create >?Prototype?Prototype > ?icon-usability testing?Test ?>?Refine?Refine

We help clients understand how to best leverage the range of devices and technologies that will most effectively reach and impact their customers and users.?Our strategic framework considers:

Product &?Service Design

  • Design and usability
  • Features and functionality
  • Technology
  • Timing
  • ROI
  • Roadmap

Mobile Strategy?

  • iOS vs. Android
  • Native vs. Hybrid vs. Responsive
  • Build vs.?Buy
  • Monetization strategy
  • In-app purchases
  • User adoption
  • Analytics
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mobile marketing
  • Backend as a service

Technology Strategy

  • Architecture
  • Technical requirements
  • Backend requirements
  • Technology stack
  • Build vs. buy
  • Content management &?delivery
  • Security?& scalability
  • Software craftsmanship
  • Deployment

Worry Free Labs Strategy Services focus on:

VisionCreating and Communicating a Vision
Leveraging quality industry insights and research, we work with your team to not only create and define a vision for the future of your industry and/or product, but also communicate that vision to stakeholders.


ValueDiscovering New Value
Through deep research and subject matter expertise, our team works with you to identify where untapped value exists or will exist in your market, so that we can position you to seize those opportunities.


MVPDefining a Minimum Viable Product/Service
We can help you and your team prioritize and define the right mix of features and/or touch points to allow your product and/or service to be deployed in the marketplace.

RoadmapProduct and Service Evolution & Roadmap
Strategy doesn?t end with just the Product Launch.?? Once the product hits the market, our team can help you define an evolution plan that delivers differentiation and value at each release stage.


DesignDesign Strategy
Working together, Worry Free Labs will help you define customer and brand value and align your business and project activities to those values. Our work ensures we are delivering strategic guidance that fits your business goals, reflects the constraints of user needs and the affordances of technology, and focuses on key areas of differentiation in the marketplace.

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