At Worry Free Labs, innovation matters. We’re driven to create remarkable user experiences for client applications across all devices; mobile, web, watch, and any other new interface the future may bring. Our services cover the full project lifecycle, from idea to implementation, and everything in-between.


Design & Product Strategy

Blending art and science, we align business goals with design and technology goals to formulate a product strategy that delights at every step of the decision journey and drives business growth.

Mobile Strategy

We understand mobile. More importantly, we understand how your user?s like to engage with mobile. Our team will help you harness the full power of mobile, by creating the mobile experiences your users need, in the way that they want.

Technical Strategy & Guidance

From build vs. buy decisions, to content management platforms, to security, architecture and scalability considerations, our technical strategy leaves no stone unturned.


User Experience Design

We create apps with logical and flexible structure that are intuitive and easy-to-use. Development is based on user research, persona development, creative conceptual development, sketching, wire-framing and prototyping.

User Interface Design

Worry Free Labs adheres to established design principles but refuses to be boxed in by them, pushing creative UI to its most meaningful limits to give users not just a beautiful experience, but more importantly, the intended experience.


Your mobile experience may be the first, and sometimes only, interaction that your users have with your brand. Worry Free Labs? creative branding professionals create a look and feel on mobile that can either establish, rethink or adhere to your brand guidelines.

Information Architecture

The user journey is not always what we expect it to be ? the Worry Free Labs team employs IA specific to your user and their path and experience with your application. It?s a tailored approach that drives adoption and increases usage.

Usability Research & Testing

We test before, during and after development to ensure optimal experiences. Nothing leaves the Lab before undergoing rigorous testing within any and all engagement environments.


iOS App Development

Our iOS engineers provide expert development services for a range of mobile apps, including healthcare, consumer, education, social, media, enterprise, fitness and more. We can build apps using Swift or Obective-C.

Android App Development

We speak android. Whether you're converting from iOS or building from scratch, our team of engineers are masters at Java and build products to specification for a wide range of apps.

Integration & Deployment

Integration means connecting a mobile app with a backend API or existing ERP system and deploying it to the platform that you need, as well as working with and within your existing technology.

Cloud BaaS

Streamline development for mobile apps by leveraging a backend-as-a-service (BaaS), and employing data management to control and protect digital assets.

Front End Development

Responsive web development isn?t just a core competency, it?s our passion. Worry Free Labs clients can push the envelope because we?ve been testing the mobile web since it was a mere fledgling technology.

Web App Development

We build complex web applications developed on frameworks that maximize app performance and align with existing customer technologies.


Corrective, Adaptive, Perfective Maintenance

Worry Free Labs follows industry standard practices to manage and optimize applications we support, including the CAP approach.

Functionality Enhancement

Beyond just maintenance, if you have new functionality you want to introduce, our team of application engineers and architects can work with you to implement the new services or features.

Performance Enhancement

Slow or dated digital experiences kill applications. We keep on top of technology trends to proactively identify opportunities to accelerate the performance of your mobile app.

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