Worry Free Recognizes Decade of Digital Solutions & Growth

Worry Free LabsWorry Free Recognizes Decade of Digital Solutions & Growth
Worry Free Recognizes Decade of Digital Solutions & Growth
Worry Free LabsWorry Free Recognizes Decade of Digital Solutions & Growth
New York, NY October 21, 2016 ? To say a lot can happen in a decade is a profound understatement. That?s especially true when that passage of time speaks to the mobile and digital revolution. Think about it. It?s almost hard to remember what life was like before smartphones. And yet, the 10-year anniversary of the groundbreaking device?s release is not until June 29 of next year. Likewise, a host of web and mobile applications, including Snapchat, Instagram, Fitbit, and more, didn?t exist before 2006.
Framed in this context, Worry Free Labs, a leader in mobile and digital application design, is excited to announce the celebration of its 10-year anniversary. A subsidiary of Atlanta-based PointClear Solutions, the organization has matured to become an innovative digital solutions provider developing a variety of mobile and web applications to help brands across several verticals, including healthcare, entertainment, government, banking, education, wellness, enterprise, and more, enhance their applications? user interface, simultaneously helping consumers better engage with these industries.
?Thanks to a decade of designing and building compelling digital experiences, Worry Free Labs is at the top of the list for enterprises, startups, and other businesses looking to win in mobile and digital,? says Paul Choi, Worry Free Labs president. ?Our path to success embeds innovation at every phase of product development, from strategy and design to development and management. This process is critical in creating products that exceed client expectations and provide immersive user experiences ? experiences that will only evolve in the decades ahead. These are exciting times.?
The company?s singular focus and commitment to the highest quality of products and a superior level of attention zeroed in on its clients has not gone unnoticed. In 2015, Worry Free Labs earned two awards as a top app developer from APPINDEX and Clutch, and was a silver winner at the W3 Awards, an event that recognizes creative excellence on the web. Judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, the competition?s democratic openness means that companies both large and small and everything in between can compete.
Thanks to these efforts, Worry Free Labs? highest profile clients include: Hertz Equipment Rental, Disney, St. Jude Medical, Fitbit, EMC, and Strayer.
Remaining at the cutting edge of mobile app development also means a rigorous adherence to four pillars: accelerate innovation, speed to market, maximize adoption, and increase profitability. By doing so, Worry Free Labs is helping its clients better access and take advantage of the burgeoning app economy, an economic engine that could be worth $101 billion by 2020, double its current figure of $50.1 billion, which already creates 4 million jobs for developers globally.
?Considering that 10 years ago, none of the app economy existed, it?s truly remarkable how far and how fast we?ve come,? adds Choi. ?That?s why our mobile app developers strive to understand the ever-evolving challenges facing companies trying to create and deploy reliable multi-platform solutions that their customers and users will embrace. Only through the right mix of strategy, UX design, and engineering expertise to each of our projects, can we achieve this level of excellence.?
Able to design for the web, iOS, and Android, as well as integrate mobile apps with a backend API or existing ERP system and deploy it to the platform that clients need, Worry Free Labs takes the worry out of the mobile user experience.
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