How to get more users for your iPhone and iPad apps

Worry Free LabsHow to get more users for your iPhone and iPad apps
Worry Free LabsHow to get more users for your iPhone and iPad apps
It?s been six years since the original iPhone's release opened up a whole new world of opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services with apps. But a lot of companies are still getting a handle on how to make the most of apps, and app marketing is still in its infancy.
In fact, recent research from Adobe reveals that only 7 percent of businesses have their own apps. If your company is one of them, you?re already ahead of the game. Now all you need to do is get your customers and would-be customers to find and use your app.
Here are our tips for marketing your iPhone and iPad apps:

Get to know the app-search ecosystems

Positioning your app to be discovered in an app store presents a distinct set of challenges. Navigating the app ecosystems?namely Apple?s iOS App Store, Google Play, and Amazon?s Appstore?is a different game than mastering search engine optimization to maximize your web site traffic.
Apple?s App Store is the place most users discover and acquire new apps. It provides promoters with a 100-character keyword field for describing their app, so keep a few things in mind:
  • The search engine filters out articles, conjunctions, and prepositions, so leave them out to maximize your character count.
  • Use singular instead of plural wherever possible. The search algorithm will figure it out.
  • At least for now, it?s safe to assume that search keyword patterns in the mobile app ecosystem mirror those on search engines. So use Google?s Keyword Planner (part of AdWords) and Ubersuggest to estimate search demand and discover the keyword longtail.
Words in the app description field do not directly impact search results. But ranked results increasingly reward experiences that are made with the user, rather than the search engine, in mind. So, consider your users first when writing your description.
Use concise text to highlight your app?s importance. Bulleted lists are better than paragraphs for helping users scan your information quickly.

Graphic harmony

Visual consistency goes hand-in-hand with brand building. A brilliant landing page for your app should convey a design and branding experience that matches that of the app.
Moves, for instance, is a great example of a website that mirrors its app?s design principles. With the release of the Moves iOS 7 version, a website makeover ensured uniform experience.
Showcase your app with demo videos and screenshots. Focus on the app?s key features that reflect what you?re marketing.

The importance of a superb user interface

Great user experience and user interface are musts. They are what guide the user through the app, delighting with every tap and pinch of the tiny screen. A great UX/UI is also the most likely reason for a user to share an app with friends, which, in turn, is the most common way?after search?that people discover apps, according to Business Insider.

Keep bloggers in mind

Influential bloggers can amplify your message to their readers. Offer them free downloads, other incentives, and a well-written press release to entice them to review your app.
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