Effective UI design: How an Infographic can generate awareness

Worry Free LabsEffective UI design: How an Infographic can generate awareness
Worry Free LabsEffective UI design: How an Infographic can generate awareness
How could an image answer the question, ?What Does $8 Billion in Oil Subsidies Buy?? It?s a puzzle Worry Free Labs recently had the opportunity to work on.
Designing infographics to present even very practical topics can be a real challenge for the UI design artist. Our team took a daring step to explain global fuel economics and politics visually.
  The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is a long-standing client. Their goal: To illustrate that eliminnating oil subsidies could reduce the deficit.
The design had to be an effective and quick solution to explaining an important topic to U.S. readers, using coherent yet sophisticated language and visuals. An infographic would need to clearly and obviously demonstrate to the viewer the huge difference between taxpayers? return on investment from federal oil subsidies and the ROI and benefits.
Share-ability was an important criterion for the design. NRDC wanted to communicate the concept virally. And execution had to be quick: the organization wanted to publish while ?fiscal cliff? discussions were trending nationally.
The Worry Free Labs team met short deadlines and produced a revised version within the time constraints.
Our work process included:
  • digesting information from client
  • synthesizing all relevant statistics
  • preparing initial sketches
  • presenting draft sketches to NRDC
  • incorporating client feedback and producing a final deliverable

Worry Free Labs? UI design experts created the illustration and icon design within a few hours, choosing the right visuals to hammer home NRDC?s point. The council approved the design, but wanted to change the general concept. Our team?s second round design met with full approval.
On top of time pressure, design decisions were crucial. Aesthetics and imagery had to be weighty enough to match the serious tone of the theme without bogging down the simple point. Color choices and shapes would also help effectively communicate NRDC?s message, as you can see in the results above.
The NRDC infographic project is a great example of how good design can be truly useful, even to communicate concepts that seem overly complex. Turning an economic and social discussion into an engaging illustration and transforming a rough idea into a visually sound concept are certainly formidable challenges?exactly the kind the Worry Free Labs team loves.
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