What Does It Cost To Build a Quality Mobile App?

Worry Free LabsWhat Does It Cost To Build a Quality Mobile App?
What Does It Cost To Build a Quality Mobile App?
Worry Free LabsWhat Does It Cost To Build a Quality Mobile App?
With mobile apps?quickly becoming a standard for companies who conduct any portion of their business online, for newbies, the cost can be somewhat daunting. How much does it cost anyway? Much more than you?d think. However, since the boom of, ?create an app and get rich quick? is dying down, much more information is available on how these apps are actually created. The more complex ones take quite a bit of design and development. That?s not even taking into account the continued support and upkeep that goes along with it. For years, companies have been trying to find alternative routes in app development to save cost, only to crash and burn. If we?ve learned anything, it?s that if you want an app built correctly, it?s best to go with an experienced company?who won?t mess it up! Trust us, it?s not worth the headache! That being said, merely dip a toe in the pool of app development and you?ll quickly learn the reason behind those big budgets. Are you ready for the real numbers? They range anywhere from $50K to $300K and up. And, that is just for one platform (ie. iOS). How can costs like these be justified? Here's how.?To build an app well, it can take an entire team of designers, developers, and specialists. Each team member takes part in making sure every aspect is?designed and?built correctly. Can you imagine if a company like Walgreens took the cheap way out with their app creation? Prescriptions wouldn?t be filled, payments wouldn?t go through and most importantly, their level of customer service would plummet. When a business needs a new app built, what exactly does a company like ours take into consideration when crafting a budget?
  • Complexity ? How cutting edge is it? How many screens are needed? Is there a big back-end system to handle all the data? Lots of questions need to be answered to determine what will go into a timeline for design and development.
  • Platform ? We mostly focus on iOS, Android and Hybrid apps. A lot of times Android requires more time and cost over iOS because there are more choices for devices and operating systems.
  • Payment Processing - Any type of payment processing on an iOS app, outside the in-app payment process can be costly. If you need to integrate the ability for someone to enter a credit card or set up a recurring payment, you?re talking about a major addition of time and money to build it.
  • Web Service Application?? Almost all apps are interacting with a Web service application-programming interface of some kind, and usually that's going to be developed in conjunction with the app. The number of communications that need to go back and forth can be a major driver of cost.
  • Features ? It?s a given that the more features that are included in the app, the more cost gets driven up. A feature like notifications is something that is requested often and can add significantly to?the budget.
  • Users ? Depending on what scale and how many users the app is going to be supporting, that will drive up your recurring monthly cost as well. If you use a service provider like AWS or have your own in-house hosting, that can potentially drive up ongoing costs.
  • Tech Support ? If a client doesn?t have an in-house support team, we do offer a monthly maintenance contract to maintain the app and do any updates or upgrades as needed.
Our CEO Paul Choi said in a recent interview with Clutch: ?We try to give clients great value through our work and our services. From a competitive perspective, we are on a lower priced hourly rate than some of our competitors. I think what allows us to do that is that we not only have developers here in New York; we have developers in less costly cities like Nashville, Atlanta, Sacramento, and Seattle. That allows us to pass on those savings to our clients. So, I think our model works well for a lot of clients here in New York because they're getting a New York quality firm, but with a slight discount to what we'd say our competitors would give.? Whether your app is a brand new concept or similar to others, so many different factors go into the final cost. The most important element is that it?s well built and serves your customers or users in the best way possible. Why make the investment and spend the money otherwise? Please?contact us?to learn more.
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