Android Oreo: 5 of Our Favorite New Features

Worry Free LabsAndroid Oreo: 5 of Our Favorite New Features
Android Oreo: 5 of Our Favorite New Features
Worry Free LabsAndroid Oreo: 5 of Our Favorite New Features
Google just released its latest mobile operating system, and it?s packed with new (and improved) features that every Android user is sure to enjoy. In this week?s blog post, we?ll cover five features that we think stand out among the rest.

1. Picture-in-Picture

Similar to the multi-window functionality, Picture-in-Picture (PIP) allows users to continue watching video content while multitasking on the Home screen or another app. The video window miniaturizes to a small floating window. Now, there?s no app that can stand in between you and video streaming.

2. Highly Customizable Settings

At face value this might not seem like a feature, but this newest release allows users to customize the look, feel, and functionality of their Android device like never before. Beyond just changing the visual layout, users now have the ability to set On-Body detection, ambient display, screen saver, app icons, and Pixel Imprint just to name a few.

3. Smarter Notifications

With this latest release, you can now bucket your notifications into customizable channels, allowing you to separate app alerts into different categories. You could have one channel for work-related emails and messages and then another channel for personal notifications.





4. Autofill

Autofill is a pretty self-explanatory feature but can make a huge impact in your daily device use. The newest functionality now allows you to pull in login credentials when signing into apps, not just web forms on Chrome. When paired with a secure password manager app, logging in will be reduced to a simple tap gesture.

5. Multi-Window

Improving upon a familiar feature, Multi Window now allows you to maintain access to your top-position app while exiting and/or replacing your bottom-position app. This could be especially convenient for when say, you need to check your calendar availability while reading through an email and then quickly switch over to Chrome to check a date for an event.
Google has also made a number of ?under-the-hood? improvements and tweaks to this latest Android release. Users should experience faster boot up times and smoother operation overall. What do you think about Android Oreo?
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