4 New Mobile Apps You Should Check Out

Worry Free Labs4 New Mobile Apps You Should Check Out
4 New Mobile Apps You Should Check Out
Worry Free Labs4 New Mobile Apps You Should Check Out
Worry Free Labs is always at the forefront of the mobile app development world, and we?ve selected Four of our new favorites that are worth their space in storage.
Periscope: It?s been dubbed, ?the closest thing to teleportation.? Imagine being able to watch live events anywhere in the world as they happen.
With Periscope you can:
  • Watch your grandchildren take their first steps as they happen.
  • Go on vacation with your extended family.
  • Be right in the middle of a revolutionary protest anywhere from Ferguson to Egypt.
  • Take a mule ride down the Grand Canyon.
  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

All with just a simple click, you?re there watching events unfold live. Interact during the event by sending comments or hearts as you watch.
Periscope has recently teamed up with Twitter to bring users even closer to experiences they would never see otherwise.
Meerkat: Are you a tweet-o-haulic? Meerkat give you the ability tweet live video. When you?re ready to share a live event with your followers, simply tweet a message that you?re ready to broadcast along with a link for your followers to join.
According to Internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge fan. ?[Meerkat has] been very effective. Within a few minutes, 500 to 800 people are watching me live, at any given time.?
While live streaming is old news, linking it with Twitter allows an accessibility that is great for people, especially if they have large followings on the social network.
Honey?s Hide and Peek: Created at our very own Worry Free Labs, this educational app offers three games in one to kids from K to 2nd grade.
  • Learn shapes and patterns while helping Honey finish her chores.
  • Play hide and seek with Honey and learn math and language skills.
  • Practice colors and memory skills in a fun magic show with Honey.

DigiPuppets, a New York based mobile company makes the game even more engaging using a new technology with fun finger puppets that can actually control touch screens.
Trivia Crack: Who doesn't love trivia? It never gets old. This award-winning free app lets you play against your friends. Be the first to obtain all six characters that correspond with a trivia category (Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports, and History).
Spin Willy the Wheel to select your category and test your skills to win extra coins, spins, and other advantages.
The app world is always dishing out new opportunities with bells and whistles we?ve never seen. Worry Free Labs is always happy to show you our favorites and we?d love to hear some of yours.
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