Facebook Is Shutting Down Parse So What Now?


Many of us in the mobile development world were shocked this week to learn that Parse is shutting down. For those that don’t know, Parse is (was) a popular mobile back-end as a service (MBaaS) and we have built a few apps using it. With the sudden announcement,… Read More

What are the best mobile analytics tools?

mobile analytics tools

After the smartphone started gaining popularity about 10 years ago, it did not take long for mobile devices to displace personal computers as the dominant method of accessing the Internet. With such a large portion of website traffic originating from mobile phones and their installed apps, any business… Read More

Apps to Help You Stick to Your Goals for the New Year!


We’re only a few days into 2016, and a New Year means a New You! Temptation, however, is all around us – enticing us to eat those cookies, buy that pricey new gadget, and/or hit the snooze button one more time instead of going to the gym.  The reality is that sticking to your New… Read More

What Makes a Great Pay-by-Phone App


A pay-by-phone app can be a great way for a business to simplify the payment process for its customers, to make shopping quicker and more convenient, and to reward its most loyal clientele with discounts and other incentives. Done correctly, a quality app can increase your sales and… Read More

Preparing Your Apps for iOS9: What You Need to Know


With so many improvements and new features in iOS9, such as the Apple News app, a smarter Siri, low-power mode, and, for the iPad, new multi-tasking options, many users will be upgrading as soon as possible or buying a new device with iOS9 already installed. For developers, this means that now is… Read More

MBaaS – State of the Art in Enterprise App Development

Mobile Backend As Service

MBaaS – Streamline your App Development For developers, setting up and managing a cloud-based backend for their mobile app can be time consuming. Enterprise apps may require a great deal of features, including synchronization, support for push notifications, expert file handling and other features before the front end of… Read More

Apple Watch UX – Wins and Challenges for Early App Developers

Apple watch ux

The rush is on as thousands of popular apps on the iPhone and iPad join the fray on the new Apple Watch. But as early adopters have learned, what works beautifully on one system can’t always be ported directly to another. Let’s take a closer look at some… Read More

The Most Popular Apps for iOS and Android – and Lessons Learned about Their Users

Top Apps and Lessons Learned

It’s no secret that top apps on each platform have strong mobile user experiences and enjoy a kind of prestige and envy from all types of developers. But do the most popular apps secretly reveal a little more insight into the habits and personalities of their customers? Let’s… Read More

Apple Watch: V1

Apple Watch Features

At Worry Free Labs, our team of mobile app developers, UX designers, strategists, etc. are excited about the Apple Watch. Do we think it’s going to be a game changer like the iPhone, frankly no. But, we do think the Apple Watch will improve people’s lives and be… Read More

4 New Mobile Apps You Should Check Out

Digi puppets mobile app

Worry Free Labs is always at the forefront of the mobile app development world, and we’ve selected Four of our new favorites that are worth their space in storage. 1. Periscope: It’s been dubbed, “the closest thing to teleportation.” Imagine being able to watch live events anywhere in… Read More