The Most Popular Apps for iOS and Android – and Lessons Learned about Their Users

Top Apps and Lessons Learned

It’s no secret that top apps on each platform have strong mobile user experiences and enjoy a kind of prestige and envy from all types of developers. But do the most popular apps secretly reveal a little more insight into the habits and personalities of their customers? Let’s… Read More

Apple Watch: V1

Apple Watch Features

At Worry Free Labs, our team of mobile app developers, UX designers, strategists, etc. are excited about the Apple Watch. Do we think it’s going to be a game changer like the iPhone, frankly no. But, we do think the Apple Watch will improve people’s lives and be… Read More

4 New Mobile Apps You Should Check Out

Digi puppets mobile app

Worry Free Labs is always at the forefront of the mobile app development world, and we’ve selected Four of our new favorites that are worth their space in storage. 1. Periscope: It’s been dubbed, “the closest thing to teleportation.” Imagine being able to watch live events anywhere in… Read More

3 Key Components of a Successful App Business (Podcast)

Mobile Apps

Worry Free Labs’ CEO Paul Choi recently had the opportunity to talk about what makes a successful app business as a guest professor on the The App Academy Podcast. Paul discusses some key elements that play important roles in the success of an app business in today’s world and dives into these three… Read More

What To Know About Beacon Technology

Beacon app

by Daniel Harris, Sr. Mobile Engineer If you’re not yet familiar with them, the first thing to know about beacons is that they are surprisingly simple transmitting devices that notify other nearby devices of their presence via radio signals. They take advantage of Bluetooth technology existing in major… Read More

What Does It Cost To Build a Quality Mobile App?


With mobile apps quickly becoming a standard for companies who conduct any portion of their business online, for newbies, the cost can be somewhat daunting. How much does it cost anyway? Much more than you’d think. However, since the boom of, “create an app and get rich quick” is… Read More

5 UX Trends in 2015

UX Design Trends

by David Issa, Chief Experience Officer Who’s still popping champagne in celebration of the new year? We are at Worry Free Labs and its not because we are a bunch of lushes (well, not entirely!)… As we all know, 2014 was an incredibly big year for Experience Design,… Read More

Worry Free Labs Named Top Mobile App Development Firm

Worry Free Labs Top Mobile  App Development

Worry Free Labs has been recognized as one of New York’s top mobile application development firms. In the first of a new series of reports identifying top web designers, digital agencies, and mobile application developers in major U.S. cities, the IT services research firm Clutch ranked Worry Free Labs as a “market leader” and… Read More

Gain an Edge with Data Analytics

Data Analytics

For most professional service companies, their biggest asset is their workforce. The people who provide value to their clients through their daily tasks, achievements and accomplishments. For, Worry Free Labs, our talented team members of UX designers, Visual designers, iOS developers, Android developers, backend engineers, etc. comprise the majority of… Read More

Forget Googling, Mozilla Wants Users to Yahoo

Firefox's Default Yahoo Search

Marissa Mayer has made a lot of changes at Yahoo since she took over about 2 years ago. She has made large acquisitions such as Tumblr and also has been extremely focused on improving Yahoo’s user experience for mobile applications, including mail, weather and photo-sharing. Another key piece of her strategy… Read More