who WE ARE

who WE ARE

Worry Free Labs is an award-winning mobile design and development company. We partner with businesses to design and build industry-leading mobile apps and digital experiences. Our mobile app developers understand the challenges facing companies trying to create and deploy reliable multi-platform solutions that their customers and users will embrace. We bring the right mix of strategy, user experience design and engineering talent to each of our projects. Our unique product design and mobile application development processes drive the design and execution of innovative digital experiences that help clients in the healthcare, education, consumer and enterprise sectors win.


what WE DO

what WE DO

At Worry Free Labs, digital innovation is all that matters. We’re driven to create remarkable user experiences for client applications across all devices, specializing in native mobile applications. Our services span from idea to implementation for businesses that must thrive in a mobile-dominated, app-focused world.
Simply put, we help businesses win in the new digital age by creating worry-free winning mobile experiences.


how WE DO IT

how WE DO IT

Experience is measured in breadth and depth. Delivering winning digital, web and mobile apps and solutions across industries speaks to the range of both at Worry Free Labs.

  • Understanding user needs across learning platforms, from e-learning to instructional design
  • Fusing the creativity of expert graphic design with the functionality of UX design
  • Developing for the web, for Android and iOS to work in the environments that work for your end users
  • Driving ecommerce that works based on testing and validation of the platform and user needs




Common-Sense Approaches to App Use for Parents of Toddlers

As a parent, you want to help your child to develop in the healthiest way possible. However, deciding how to manage app use for toddlers may be a source of worry. Many parents feel judged by others for giving their toddlers too much screen time, while others worry that they aren’t making the most of the eLearning opportunities that educational apps present for young kids. Take a look at these common sense tips to help you find the right balance between screen time and the real world for your developing child.

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